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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Uddhav Thackeray makes peace with the Kangana Ranaut controversy by staying quiet. However, the leader also asks other party members to stay shut on the topic. The party members show their discontentment with advice. The silence is uneasy to them. Opposing the view, some party members pull thorns to the National Congress Party in order to have a check of the situation.

Kangana Ranaut is making to the news with her bold remarks on various topics. The nepotism voice, Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder or suicide case along with pointing her fingers towards the state of Maharashtra. Ranaut shows no mercy or tension when she questions the state leader Thackeray.

In a series of allegations, she shares her fear of living in Mumbai as if she is living in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. She also has her discomfort coming from the Mumbai Police commission Parambir Singh. Her discomfort arises from Mr. Singh approving a tweet that condemns her. She further says her fear of Mumbai Police is more than for “movie mafia”.

Party Opposes Thackeray for Silence On Kangana Situation

Ameya Khopkar finds his words addressing the situation while applauding Mumbai Police in Marathi without pointing any fingers at Ranaut. He further states no true Mumbaikar can let go of any ill talk on the Mumbai police. Sources mention that Thackeray is upset on Khopkar voicing out his opinion on the situation in a critical time.

Recently as we are aware the self-proclaimed Marathi pride isn’t being understood by his own people as well as by the citizens of the state. Certain rallies were carried out in protest against Thackeray and in support of Kangana. The rally people burning stuffed puppets addressing it as Thackeray. People also violently are thrashing making posters of the MNS chief.

Several party leaders like Omkar hari Mali, district co-ordinator for MNS Cultural Cell handling Thane, raigad and Palghar also joinsthe NCP voice. A senior MNS activist shows discontent by saying If Raj Saheb can’t defend Marathi Pride for an actor who is not of the state he does not sees it fit supporting him. Another concern comes stating If MARATHI Pride is at threat and Kanagana is yet living in state calling it Pakistan, they can’t support Thackeray.

Thackeray’s silence and Hindutva

Political Analyst Parimal Maya Sudhakar of MIT school of governance mentions that Thackeray has lost the best opportunity on grabs by hurtful statements of Ranaut. Sudhakar shares sentiments saying as Shiv Sena is defensive on Sushant’s case. The MNS could call out Kanagana but with Thackeray looking over BJP fore support, he stays silent.

Thackeray makes his move by Hindutva sentiment when Marathi pride and Marathi  Manoos fails his political gains. MNS chief shows interest in coalition with Congress and NCP much prior To the Maharashtra Assembly polls of November 2019. The silence comes from NCP leader Sharad Pawar’s joining MVA Coalition in Maharashtra, 2019

Raj Thackeray is recently putting a front against the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra. He denounces the policies of BJP while asking citizens to vote for him. So his party can benefit as strong opposition to BJP. His deep hurt is visible as MVA does not support him and Congress erases out MNS name for the alliance. The Chief says he is not turning towards Hindutva, his dharma is Maharashtra Dharma.

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