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If we think of Hollywood’s greatest directors, Christopher Nolan’s name comes to mind instantly. With hits like Inception, Interstellar and Memento under his belt, his movies are good at the least. Tenet, his newest movie, is not any different. This is our review of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh.


Tenet revolves around the story of The Protagonist, who has to stop Andrei Sator, a Russian oligarch, from activating an algorithm that will have drastic effects to the time and space continuum. It can be construed as a spy movie with a tinge of Nolan’s flirtation with the concept of time bending.

The movie is a visual and technical masterclass. Time inversion scenes of the movie are a treat for the eyes, with people moving in reverse and real time in the same sequence. There are plenty of action packed sequences in the movie.

Nolan’s frequent music composer Hans Zimmer could not commit to Tenet due to his work with Dune. However, Ludwig Goransson of Black Panther fame took the mantle. The music is engaging and enjoying to listen to. Some of the music has a reversed quality, which goes well with the movie.

The concept of the movie is pretty complex, so casual viewers may not catch some key plot points in their first viewing. However, the movie is engaging enough that it can be seen multiple times. Because of Nolan’s notoriety for Easter eggs, we recommend you watch this multiple times.

Overall, Tenet is a mind bending action flick that leaves you questioning reality. It is not Nolan’s best movie, but it shines especially in it’s visuals and sound.

You can catch it in theatres right now.

Overall rating : 7.5/10

What did you think of Tenet? Was it a good flick? Or are you planning on watching it after our review? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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