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oppo A5 2020 review
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Oppo has always been pocket friendly to its customer and has tried its best to meet their hopes. In INDIA it has a huge market and is still in most purchased mobiles list. Each time with its sleek designs it takes our heart away though not for really high tech activities. Let’s see what Oppo offers this year to its beloved consumers

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• I think this is a classy-looking phone. The back looks just like the curved glass of a flagship, while the visual impact of the quad-camera array on the back is great. Even the positioning and the quality of the finish on the lens surround don’t seem “budget”.
• The screen is further evidence of the Oppo A5 2020’s mixed success. This is a big, current-looking 6.5-inch screen with an attractive notch and an ultra-tall 20:9 aspect ratio.
• Spacious screen and tastefully designed but not waterproof.
• The front speaker is just as full-sounding as the bottom one.


• You get four cameras on the back, but only two meaningfully different lenses. There are wide and standard cameras, but no zoom. The Oppo A5 2020’s camera app does let you zoom in to x5, using just the sort of zoom button you might see in a phone with a real zoom.
• The Oppo A5 2020’s biggest strength is its battery. The 5000mAh cell is a whopper. It lasts so long some of you may find it hangs on for two full days before needing a recharge. Even if you play games or watch streaming video on the way to work, it shouldn’t need a top-up before bedtime.
• The Snapdragon 665 processor, the same seen in the more expensive Motorola Moto G8 Plus. This keeps Android 9 running perfectly well when paired with the 3GB RAM
• The fingerprint scanner also has a surprisingly important part to play in making the Oppo A5 2020 feel nippy. It’s very quick, far better than a lot of the in-screen kind used in much more expensive phones.
• The A5 2020 runs Android 9 with a ColorOS 6 skin on top. This is not the latest version of Android and you may initially find the square icon look of ColorOS a bit jarring.


Simply for the appearance, you can buy it but there are, many options in the same range to better spend money. Oppo has very little to offer as a tech gadget now, better to go for other options. If you are an Oppo fan you can get it for playing games and general design that’s it. The budget end of the handset market is a tough place, where compromises must be made to create a serviceable phone. In this case, the RAM, camera setup, screen, and internal storage are all trimmed back. But on the plus side, there’s excellent battery life, a smart industrial design, some nice added features in ColorOS, and dual SIM plus MicroSD support.

Ratings based on tech critics:

• DISPLAY 9/10
• CAMERA 7/10

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