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It is that time of the year again when Apple release their yearly flagship phones. This year, the 14th generation of the iPhone hits the market.


The iPhone has undergone it’s first major redesign since 2017. The new design features a flat chassis compared to the curved design seen in the recent past. The notch still remains on the phone and it contains the IR Face ID and the front camera along with various detectors. There is a new feature for the iPhones called MagSafe, which was previously seen in older generations of the MacBook. The new design looks better and feels better in the hand and revives the nostalgia of the early versions of the iPhone. So, overall, this is an improvement from the iPhone 11.


The iPhone 12 includes the latest and fastest processor Apple has ever created, the A14 Bionic processor. It features a 6.4 inch display. The screen is top of its class and Apple have gone for probably the best display in the market. Apple claims that the A14 chip is the fastest in the market. There is no indication to suggest otherwise. The chip, coupled with Apple’s super-optimized software feels lightning fast. The lowest end and most affordable version of the iPhone 12 has only 64 GB of storage. This won’t be a problem if you are a casual user but if you want to store a lot of media and apps on your phone, this might be a bit of a hinderance.


The battery is a 2815 mAh pack. This might seem very low when compared to some Android phones having 5000 mAh, but it is a solid battery because Apple optimizes their software to use very less battery life. You can expect a solid day to day and a half worth of battery with the iPhone 12.


The iPhone 12 has two rear cameras. The 12 MP Wide and Ultrawide. On the front it has a 12 MP Selfie camera. Overall, the iPhone 12 lands among the top tier of its price bracket for camera performance. All 3 cameras have a dedicated night mode that captures very high quality photos even in low light situations.

Overall, the iPhone 12 is a flagship in all aspects. It is a new design from Apple, but all their existing reliable software is packed into it. The battery life is solid. The dual cameras are impressive. The new chip helps its incredible performance. At Rs. 84,990, It is not the cheapest but it promises the performance for the price.

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