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Have you been recently looking for a gaming laptop to kill your time during quarantine? Or do you want one to kickstart your software education? Do you want to join your friends in virtual battles? Whatever the reason may be, getting a gaming laptop over a regular laptop is a good idea. Recently, the laptop market has become fiercely competitive and technology giant HP has risen to the challenge in providing a laptop that ticks almost all boxes to be considered a more than a decent laptop.


The HP Pavilion performs on a fairly competitive level. It is able to run demanding games like FIFA 20 and GTA 5 almost perfectly. With its Intel Core i5 9th gen CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with 8 GB RAM, The laptop performs smoothly with almost no hiccups. It is a no-nonsense PC that does most of the important tasks required of a computer but it also can do more in the gaming department. In my opinion, it is an amazing value for the price.


The design of the laptop is very straightforward. There are no fancy bells and whistles as there are in other gaming rigs. The laptop is straight to the point with a matte black finish. There are cooling vents at the back of the laptop with fans on the underside of it. The display is 15.6 inches wide and it is perfect for gaming. The keyboard works like a charm and there is a monochrome purple backlighting that works well with the black.


The HP pavilion starts at Rs. 74.999. HP has hit the sweet spot of the market with this laptop. It is perfectly placed as the most value for money laptop at this price point. Lower end models of this laptop sell for Rs. 67,000 and Rs. 70,000 but the higher-end model is the better bang for the buck.

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