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Almost everyone has been affected by blackheads, irrespective of age, gender, or skin type. Blackheads are the black specks that usually pop on your nose. Many people believe that blackheads are caused by dirt particles that are stuck on your pores. But in reality, dead skin cells result in blackheads. Dead skin cells mostly contain a protein which is called keratin. When this keratin sticks to a pore, a comedone is formed. These plugs or comedones begin to oxidize and adapt a brownish color. Both blackheads and whiteheads are caused by these comedones.

While a lot has been said about women skincare, men’s skincare is a comparatively new topic of discussion. Today’s metrosexual man is very much interested in grooming and styling, and we see absolutely no reason for them to be otherwise. Taking care of your skin is important for everyone, and not just for women. Speaking of men’s skincare, blackheads are one of the most common skin problems faced by men. Men skin has a different texture and thus requires different steps for care. The steps for blackhead removal for men and women are comparatively similar. Given below are four ways of removing blackheads, which are highly effective and will definitely help you deal with the embarrassment that blackheads bring with themselves!


Exfoliation is important for your skin to remove the dead skin cells and keep your skin fresh and clean. To prevent the formation of blackheads on your nose, apply a face wash that contains salicylic acid. This acid is responsible for loosening the pores, which further results in the plugs to come out themselves. One must exfoliate at least twice a week for better results. Instead of face washes, you can also use sheet masks containing salicylic acid. This would give you the same results as exfoliation.

No Squeezing-

Just like popping pimples is a big no, similarly squeezing blackheads is a bigger no. and just like popping pimples actually causes more pimples, squeezing blackheads causes more blackheads to form too. Beauty and skincare experts have said that your fingers are too big to squeeze on your pores; no matter how tempting and satisfying it may feel. When you squeeze a blackhead out, you actually apply pressure on the neighboring pores too. Thus, it causes more blackheads in return. Therefore, do not even think that squeezing out a blackhead is the ultimate solution for its removal. There are various other ways that you can try, without having any adverse effects.

Pore Strips-

Pore strips are one of the most common and effective ways of removing blackheads. These are basically sticky strips which are applied on a person’s nose who wishes to remove blackheads. These strips attach to the comedones and all you need to do is peel them off after they dry. It is evidently the fastest way of removing blackheads. But, with all good comes some bad. Pore strips may be extremely effective, but overusing them may cause other skin problems. If a person uses pore strips too often, they may tear or injure the skin. People with sensitive skin should mostly stay away from these pore strips. And the ones planning to use them must make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and also make sure that the strips are ot left for a longer time period than advised.


You must have heard of retinol if you have ever tried to deal with acne. Apart from treating acne, retinol is an active ingredient used to prevent or cure blackheads. It contains vitamin A, which is responsible for pushing out the dead skin cells from your skin faster than other products. Dermatologists usually suggest using retinols at night, and always on clean skin, since many people usually complain about getting irritated skin after using retinols for the first time. It may also cause sunlight sensitivity in many cases, thus never forget to wear sunscreen while using retinols.

These were the four most effective and easy ways of dealing with blackheads in men. As cosmetically undesired as they look, blackheads are also a sign of unhealthy skin. Hence, it is important for you to get rid of those ugly blackheads, ASAP!

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