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All-day, every day. Do you start up your day feeling all ready for the day? But as the clock strikes noon, you start sweating profusely. Turning off your mood and your will to feel good about yourself. Or do you feel you need a fragrance to count on for that special date of yours or the wedding ceremony where you may be the most eligible bachelor in the house?

Below is a list of deodorants for men you could count on. These deodorants for men are just right for your pocket and very friendly for your sweaty skin.

1. Wild Stone Code Copper

This deodorant has top notes of lemon, armoise, and pineapple. With heart notes of apple, violet, and labdanum. And the base notes of amber and cedarwood. Making this deodorant a perfect fit for smelling woody all day long.

Code copper dives you into sensual masculinity with an invigorating freshness blended in warm balsam and amber notes. The fragrance can be used all year long.

Price- Rs. 250

Quantity – 250 ml

2. Old spice Original

Old Spice is a brand that needs no saying . Its musky woody scent is to die for. The deodorant keeps you smelling fresh and energized all day long. A perfect masculine fragrance making you smell confident as you ‘seize the day’.

Price- Rs. 199

Quantity- 150 ml

3. United colors of Benetton United Dreams Be Strong

The cologne comes with a strong spiced flavor for the men who don’t settle for less. The notes grapefruit, lemon, mandarin with a floral scent of jasmine. Along with spiced up fusion of ginger, nutmeg, and pink peppercorn. Energizing the man’s confidence with incense, cistus, and cedarwood. The fragrance is a mix of every fragrance a man needs.

Price- Rs. 390

Quantity- 150 ml

4. Guess Seductive Homme Blue Body Spray

Designed for the flamboyant and charming modern man. The fragrance takes you to beach side. The fragrance is cool and gentle smelling like that of an ocean.

The top notes include citrus caviar, cardamom, black pepper. Along with heart notes of blue Coral Aqua Spice and Geranium. And packing it with bottom notes of Cashmere wood and Rippled Sand musk

Price- Rs 499

Quantity – 150 ml

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