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A proper physique is something every man desires. Apart from making a man look attractive, a well-maintained and fit body also offers health benefits. Gym routines are important for you if you want to build up your body, or to transform your body to an ideal body type according to you. Achieving a desired physique comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. There are absolutely no shortcuts to getting a toned body without hitting the gym.

Merely going to the gym and performing simple exercise is not enough to build up muscles. One needs to follow certain specific exercises or gym routines in order to reach their desired body type. Every fitness freak has their own methodology or equipment that they prefer to use at the gym. While all exercises are beneficial for the body if done in the correct way, there are some which are a must in every fitness freak’s list. Given below is a list of the five most important gym routines for men, which you must not miss if you are serious about your gym routine.

  1. Pull-ups- Most men prefer wide shoulders which scream out to be strong. Men with wide shoulders are often considered to be fit, since they have a lot of shoulder strength. The best exercise to get these broad shoulders is the pull-up. This exercise includes a multi-joint movement. Testosterone is released on performing pull-ups, which increases the strength of the shoulder muscles. It also leads to muscle development and enhances the overall power of the shoulders.
  2. Deadlift- Definitely the master of all exercises, which is feared by some and taken as a challenge by others. Deadlifts are responsible for working on every major muscle group in the body, and increasing their strength. It is actually the best to take a test of the overall strength of a person’s body. The testosterone released by the body while performing this exercise is extremely high. This is so because almost all muscles of the body are involved while performing this exercise. Since a large amount of testosterone is released, the Deadlift is considered as one the most important exercises in any gym routine.
  3. Back squat- the back squat is considered to be the best leg exercise. It is perfect for developing leg movements. Similar to the Deadlift, the back squat also hits almost all muscle groups in the body. Thus, a large amount of testosterone is released in this exercise as well. Athletes have often claimed that the reason behind their running speed and overall strength is the back squat.
  4. Bench press- the bench press exercise works on the pecs, shoulders and triceps of a person. It is responsible for developing and defining these parts, so as to give a commanding presence to the person. Due to the large amount of testosterone released upon performing this exercise, the muscles of the upper body are built and improved. The bench press exercise is a part of almost every gym-goers’ fitness routine, and rightfully so, because of its numerous benefits.
  5. Kettlebell swing- this exercise looks almost similar to a squat and people often confuse it to be a squat, but it is actually different. This move focuses on the hip hinge. It provides benefits for the glutes and enhances conditioning. The movement has an explosiveness factor. This is why this exercise provides not just hip hinge movements, but also plays a cardio aspect. Both of these movements combined will give you a ripped physique, creating a strong and muscular body.

These were 5 of the most important gym routines for men, which must be included in your exercise list if you are a serious fitness freak and are aiming for a certain body type. Do not rush into any exercise and remember to take your time and perform these at a pace that YOU are comfortable with!

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